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VB SIG Board - Call for Nominations - 2024

VB SIG Board - Call for Nominations - 2024
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Call for Nominations to the VB SIG Board

Open through March 31, 2024

The Verbal Behavior Special Interest Group (VB SIG) of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) welcomes nominations for four VB SIG Board Member positions:

  • Newsletter Editor (3-year term)

The Newsletter Editor will be responsible for organizing and presenting the contents of the VB SIG’s bi-annual newsletter (VB News). This will include gathering information pertaining to the following:

a) changes and updates regarding the VB SIG’s activities,

b) research being conducted in the area of verbal behavior, as well as research conducted in other areas that are pertinent to our understanding of verbal behavior,

c) recruitment of new members,

d) the publication of The Analysis of Verbal Behavior,

e) student research competition award recipients,

f) elections, and

g) website development.

Editorial experience is beneficial and preferred for this position.

  • Professional Awards Coordinator (3-year term)

The Professional Awards Coordinator will be responsible for presenting all professional awards, including, but not limited to the Early Career Researcher Award, the Clinical Supervisor, and the Jack Michael Award. The Professional Awards Coordinator will:

a) select reviewers for the awards,

b) update the professional awards announcements,

c) post the announcements on the VB SIG listserv/website,

d) send the announcement to professionals who do research, write about, or conduct clinical practice relevant to verbal behavior,

e) receive the submissions via email and email the submissions to the reviewers with directions for review and the deadline for completing the review,

f) use the reviewers’ scores to rank all nominees from highest to lowest scores and use those rankings to make a final recommendation to the VB SIG,

g) notify all nominees of decisions,

h) prepare plaques, and

i) present or mail the plaques to the winner at the VB SIG business meeting at the ABAI convention.

  • Website Coordinator (3-year term)

The Website Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that the VB SIG website and social media platforms are properly maintained with respect to technology (e.g., links work, members can pay dues online) and that they reflect the most current activities and information related to the VB SIG and the field of verbal behavior. The Website Coordinator’s primary duties will include:

a) performing a monthly inspection of the website and other social media platforms,

b) conducting monthly updates to the website and other social media platforms about events related to verbal behavior practice and research,

c) assisting those who wish to post events and activities related to verbal behavior practice and research after consultation with the council members of the VB SIG, and

d) coordinating with the Dissemination Coordinator to disseminate information about upcoming events and create posts to increase engagement.

Experience with website content management and management of social media accounts is required. Experience with website design is beneficial but not required.

  • Secretary (3-year term)

The Secretary records the minutes at each VB SIG Council meeting and the annual business meeting. The Secretary will also manage correspondence and documentation on behalf of the VB SIG. Finally, the Secretary will fulfill duties associated with election processes.

Find out about the VB SIG and its current Board Members on the VB SIG website:

Nomination Requirements and Procedures:

  • Nominees must:

  1. Hold a Ph.D.

  2. Hold full membership with the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI),

  3. Be members of the VB SIG, and

  4. Be available to attend monthly council meetings (typically held Sunday nights at 5 pm PST/ 7 pm CST/ 8 pm EST).

  • The VB SIG accepts nominations of others as well as self-nominations.

  1. The title of the Board position in the subject line

  2. The nominee’s name

  3. The nominee’s affiliation

  4. The nominee’s email address

  5. The nominee’s ABAI and VB SIG membership status

  6. A short bio for the nominee

  7. A headshot for the nominee

  8. A statement of interest

  9. An attestation of understanding and commitment to attend monthly council meetings

  • Only complete nominations will be considered. Nominations will be accepted until March 31, 2024

  • Voting will take place virtually in April (via an electronic survey) prior to the ABAI conference.

  • All nominees will be notified of election results via email prior to the ABAI conference.

  • VB SIG Board Members will be officially welcomed at the VB SIG Business Meeting during the ABAI Conference, date and time TBD.

Being nominated for a position in an international group can be intimidating but also

important and enriching. If you have any questions about the position, the VB SIG, or

this election process, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to receiving your nominations!

VB SIG Board

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